Why Dive With Us?

Thank you for considering Jim Abernethy’s Scuba Adventures in your search to dive with some of the largest predatory sharks on the planet! We are passionate about what we do and would love to share with you why we believe we can provide the most extraordinary live-aboard shark experience.

+Most Experienced Live-Aboard Operator

With nearly four decades of Bahamas shark diving experience, Jim Abernethy has created some of the most comprehensive dive safety guidelines for diving cage-less with sharks. In turn, he has passed this knowledge down to his crew to provide the safest, yet most intimate, shark interactions.

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+Safety is Our Priority

Safety is our priority. To ensure this, one of the many safety practices we we utilize is the world's finest underwater communication system - Ocean Technology Systems’ Guardian full-face masks for our crew and Buddy-Phone Listening Devices for our guests– when possible. This allows our crew to verbally communicate with our divers, so that guests know the presence of any large shark that approaches.

+Incredible Photo Opportunities

One of our primary goals during our expeditions is to assist you in capturing breathtaking imagery and video footage. Jim Abernethy is an award-winning photographer and cinematographer eager to lend his knowledge through on-board photography courses. He hopes that the imagery you capture will become a driving force in the conservation of these beautiful animals.

Not a photographer? No need to worry! Our crew strives to take photos of all guests during underwater shark encounters for you to take home at the end your trip.

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+Providing You With Underwater Photographic Stations

Our crew works to set up ‘photographic stations’ that place beautiful corals and sponges in the path sharks will be passing, while keeping the bait out of sight. We change these stations on a daily basis, allowing you to capture a diverse collection of imagery.


+More Bait Means More Sharks!

We realize that the most effective way to attract sharks is through the use of bait. We ensure that our operation attracts the largest number of large sharks on a daily basis by bringing and using more bait than any other live-aboard operator in the Bahamas.


+The Most Intimate Shark Encounters

The best wildlife interactions at Tiger Beach always occur with the fewest number of people present. Knowing this, we’ve chosen to limit our expeditions to ten passengers per trip. We also stagger our divers entering the water during the first dive of the day, with two groups of five divers entering the water at separate times. This creates a pattern that carries on throughout the day, allowing you to dive with fewer people on each dive, and allows for you to get back in the water as soon as your tanks are refilled by our staff waiting on the dive deck! This ensures that our guests have an incredible experience, both above and below the water.


+No Limiting Dive Schedules

Once the day has begun, Tiger Beach dives are not limited to scheduled times. In other words, the pool is always open, with our professionally trained crew in the water at all times!


+Nitrox Available for Extended Dive Time

Nitrox is available for those that want to take advantage of extended bottom times and increased safety.


+Gourmet Dining

Our vessel’s professional chef and nutritionist is passionate about producing gourmet and healthy meals every day! We are more than happy to accommodate for any dietary needs or preferences.


+Explore a Larger Variety of Dive Locations

Jim’s extensive knowledge of the Bahamas allows us to take advantage of the largest variety of shark diving locations, more than any operator in the area, increasing the diversity of photographic opportunities available.



+Service Oriented Crew

Jim and his crew are personally engaged in every aspect of the operation and dive with you each day to make sure your trip is truly memorable.


+Marine Conservation is Our Mission

Most importantly, we proudly emphasize the importance of marine conservation through our expeditions and efforts to help save sharks. We’ve assisted local universities, private institutions, non-profits, and government agencies by providing them with the resources necessary for the collection of marine science data. Through engaging presentations, public involvement, co-authoring published books, and the continual creation of new film and imagery material Jim Abernethy personally strives to depict sharks responsibly as the apex predators that maintain the health and balance of the heart of our planet - our oceans.



For all other questions, you can reach our reservations team via email, or give the shop a call and talk to one of us in person. Whichever way, we look forward to hearing from you!

Ph: (561) 842-6356

E: shearwater@scuba-adventures.com