ShawnHeinrichsJim Abernethy & Shawn Heinrichs are the one-stop source for the best underwater wildlife video anywhere!

With an enormous archive containing some of the best underwater video ever recorded, Jim & Shawn probably have the video footage you are looking for already on file. From Tiger sharks to sea turtles they have you covered.

If they don't have exactly the video you are looking for, living at sea an average of 25 days a month gives them the unmatched ability to capture custom video to meet your needs. With the capability of shooting video in both UHD 4K and standard High resolution video, the product is of the highest quality available anywhere.


Video Sample: Bahamas Sharks

Video Sample: Tiger Beach

Video Sample: Whale Sharks

Video Sample: Palm Beach Underwater


"...whenever I need to go out in the world and see something special, something big, they're the people I call... if you want to do underwater expeditions, they're who you call." - Jeb Corliss

To get the underwater video you need contact:

Mike Kelly                  561-842-6356

Jim Abernethy is an award-winning underwater photographer, filmmaker, author, and conservationist who pioneered shark encounters without a cage. For decades, he has been leading photography/videography expeditions to engage with the world’s largest predatory sharks, encounter diverse marine mammals and experience the most colorful undersea creatures.

Shawn Heinrichs is an Emmy Award winning cinematographer, photographer, scuba diver, and marine conservationist. An independent filmmaker and founder of Blue Sphere Media, a production company specializing in underwater, adventure and conservation films, he has acquired considerable first-hand knowledge of the oceans most important marine areas.