Tiger Shark & Dolphin

Tiger Sharks, Lemon Sharks, & Dolphins

May – October

Our most popular of all trips, this expedition will take you to the heart of the world famous ‘Tiger Beach’. This spectacular location is unlike any other in the world and guarantees one of the most unique underwater experiences in a diver’s life! The shallow sand flat, located north of the West End of Grand Bahama Island, is the most reliable, consistent and, arguably, photographically pleasing spot to photograph these striped beauties on Earth.

Imagine yourself surrounded by lemon and tiger sharks as far as the eye can see; amidst a gorgeous backdrop of crystal blue Bahamian water, powder white sand, and a patchwork of thriving coral reef. All of this, and more, in less than 30 feet of water!


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During our encounter we may see the dolphins feeding in the sand on razor wrasse and small flounders or chasing flying fish on the surface. We’ll see them interacting with each other as they are very family oriented and have strong bonds within the pod. They rarely swim without touching one another with their pectoral fins. This touching is a very important form of communication among dolphins, young and old. It is their way of reaffirming their connections and love.

“Catch the seaweed” is a game we frequently observe where the dolphins will pass a piece of seaweed around as a game! It is a very fun thing to watch.

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