Tiger Shark & Great Hammerhead Dive Trip

Encounter Tiger Sharks, Great Hammerheads, & Bull Sharks

October - May

On these expeditions, our primary goal is to interact with great hammerhead sharks and tiger sharks. These expeditions allow divers to experience the world famous “Tiger Beach” as well as dive sites further south, near the island of Bimini.
While tiger sharks can be seen year-round, great hammerheads can be seen seasonally in the Bahamas. During the months of October through May, they are frequently seen at the depths which we dive. During the warm summer months, these sharks return to deeper, cooler, waters.
Great hammerheads are among the most impressive, yet rarely observed oceanic predators. They are not to be confused with the smaller, and more common, scalloped hammerhead, which can be seen schooling in many locations around the world. Encountering the great hammerhead – with its spectacular angularity, its orca-like dorsal fin, and its bristle-toothed mouth – is at the very pinnacle of wildlife adventure.

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