Tiger Shark & Great Hammerhead Dive Trip

Encounter Tiger Sharks, Great Hammerheads, Bull, Nurse & Caribbean Reef Sharks

October 15th thru May

On these expeditions, our mission is to get you up close to the largest number of large predatory sharks for as long as possible, SAFELY! These expeditions allow divers to experience the world famous “Tiger Beach” as well as the great hammerheads offshore of the island of Bimini.

While tiger, lemon, nurse and caribbean reef sharks can be seen year-round, great hammerheads & bull sharks can be seen seasonally in the Bahamas, during the months of October through May. Generally on each trip we ask the guests which shark species they really want to see and change our itinerary to accommodate their requests. During the warm summer months, hammerheads and bull sharks return to deeper, cooler, waters and cannot be reliably found.

Here a a few of the reasons you should dive with us, in addition to why we have so many repeat guests! We are the only live aboard dive vessel that allows unlimited (We don’t schedule or count your dives) diving, provides nitrox and does a night dives every night. We have the fewest number of guests on board (10 maximum) to insure your shark experience is the very best it can be. If you truly love sharks as well as all animals, it is really great to support ecotourism operators that are actually saving the animals they love. Jim’s main drive and passion is to do everything within his means to save sharks and other wildlife as is displayed on his nonprofit webpage, www.wildlifevoice.org His history of conservation achievements is endless, including spearheading the conservation campaign to get sharks protected in the entire Bahamas territory! In addition you will learn how best to interact with a large number of large predatory sharks by the pioneer in large predatory cageless encounters with the legendary Jim Abernethy Shark Briefing, utilizing 4 decades of large shark experience!

Great hammerheads are among the most impressive, yet rarely observed oceanic predators. They are not to be confused with the smaller, and more common, scalloped hammerhead, which can be seen schooling in many locations around the world. Encountering the great hammerhead – with its spectacular angularity, its orca-like dorsal fin, and its bristle-toothed mouth – is at the very pinnacle of wildlife adventure.

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