Blue and Gold Macaw

Zoe is a 25 year old Blue and Gold Macaw who has been Jim Abernethy’s life long companion.  He was hand raised by Jim and is a fantastically intelligent animal.  Zoe can alert you if sharks are present in the water so that you know to dive immediately and he can also scream up the sun with the best of the parrots.

Zoe resides at Jim’s private home with a huge indoor cage and a fantastic outdoor aviary where he spends a lot of his time.  Zoe has also spent a disproportionate amount of his time terrorizing any previous none bird loving staff and teaching them the ways of birds.

Blue and Gold macaws are originally from South America.  They inhabit tropical rainforest areas and open sections of woodland.  There has actually been a small breeding colony of this species of parrot in Miami-Dade county since the middle 19080s.