The Secret of Pig Island

pigbookWritten by: Jennifer R. Nolan
Photography by: Jim Abernethy & Eric Cheng

Who doesn’t want to spend a little time in a tropical island paradise? Dive into The Secret of Pig Island, a newly released children’s book, and that is exactly what you’ll do—but the friends who will join you just happen to be wild pigs, and they’ve got plenty to say!

Children and adults alike will fall in love with Plato the pig when they turn the pages of this book, written in flowing rhyme. The Secret of Pig Island introduces you to a little pig with a big secret—and he’s ready to share it with the world! When a curious, young, boy ventures out to a tropical island—sacred home to a herd of wild pigs—what he discovers is a priceless lesson that he is excited to bring back to humankind. Plato comes to life with an inspirational message about protecting our planet Earth that all readers, young and old, are sure to embrace.

In addition to engaging, rhyming text, two award-winning nature photographers, Abernethy and Cheng, capture these real-life, friendly pigs in a way that is sure to make everyone smile. Enjoy discovering Plato’s wit and wisdom while colorful images of this playful critter and his pals take your breath away and warm your heart.

Inspired by the desire to help spread the word about caring for our precious Earth, award-winning author, Jennifer R. Nolan, created this children’s book that is sure to entertain with engaging, rhyming text. Just released, The Secret of Pig Island is now available on-line, and soon in selected bookstores.

Number of pages: 41
Publisher: Ocean Education Publishing
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-615-40721-0
Product Dimensions: 10 x 7 inches