Sharks – Up Close

Announcing the second edition of Jim Abernethy's first book:

9781616230487Explore the amazing beauty and life of sharks with one of the world's most experienced sharks divers. Jim Abernethy, author and award-winning photographer, has spent a lifetime getting Up Close with many of the largest species of shark. His knowledge and love for these misunderstood creatures has fueled his passion to share with the world the true nature of sharks.

Number of pages: 81
Publisher: Ocean Education Publishing
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-61623-048-7
Product Dimensions: 10 x 7 inches


Through stunning imagery and educational text, the reader is sure to come away with a new appreciation for sharks and their plight for survival. Sharks - Up Close is filled with information on sharks — from their unique anatomy to behaviors rarely seen. But don't take our word for it, just look at what these professionals have to say about it:


“Jim Abernethy has spent a lifetime pursuing sharks all over the world and no one has been so close, so many times. In Sharks - Up Close, Jim employs his decades of experience diving with sharks to answer many of the most compelling questions about these animals. Jim offers the most spectacular underwater shark photographs ever taken. For shark lovers, young and old, this book is a must have!”

Howard & Michele Hall
IMAX filmmakers 

“Jim Abernethy’s shark images are unique and intensely intimate because he personally knows these elegant creatures. He travels the globe to experience the diverse world of sharks. This book is a visual testament to why we must all work to preserve the shark’s place on our planet.”

David Doubilet
Contributing photographer for National Geographic magazine 

“Over the past ten years, hundreds of divers have had their best shark experiences thanks to Jim Abernethy. He has always been at the forefront of the action and 'Sharks Up Close' is the result. Not only has Jim gotten closer than most, he has seen sharks as they truly are, not as they are often preconceived by the media or fertile imaginations. The book is straight-forward in its approach and says more in fewer pages and leaner text than a shelf load of shark books. Readers of all ages will find 'Sharks Close Up' an informative, beautifully-illustrated book.”

Douglas David Seifert
World Editor, DIVE Magazine