Sea Turtles Up Close

Sea Turtles Up Close Pic 1Sea Turtles Up Close takes you on an amazing journey into the fascinating world of the sea turtle. Brilliantly transforming from surface to sea creature over the course of 235 million years, these animals have a mystique and “magnetism” like none other. From their ability to migrate thousands of miles, to their unique anatomy, they are nothing short of sensational.

Through Jim Abernethy’s captivating photographs and Jennifer Nolan’s poetic prose, readers will deepen their appreciation for the seven sea turtle species, better understand the important role they play in our coastal ecosystem, and realize the choice is clear – we must protect these amazing creatures while we still can.

"A fascinating collection of captivating photos and facts by two award-winning artists and passionate conservationists. The collaboration between Abernethy and Nolan delivers an inspiring journey into the mysterious world of sea turtles, empowering anyone to join in the efforts to protect against these great creatures. This book brings you up close and personal with all seven species... Highly recommended, dive in!"

~Shawn Heinrichs
Founder and Executive Producer of Blue Sphere Media

"Sea Turtles Up Close brings together beautiful writing, stunning images, and art that tickles one to smile. It's a must on the bookshelf, playroom floor, or coffee table. Jim Abernethy's world-class images illustrate while Jennifer Nolan's delightful, sometimes lyrical, prose delight, educate, and move us. Sea Turtles Up Close inspires us to learn more, care more, and engage more in the future for these remarkable marine creatures and the oceans they call home."

~Dr. Jeanette Wyneken
Biology Professor, Florida Atlantic University

"An up-to-date, must-see visual journey through the fascinating world of sea turtles that is sure to set a new standard in marine education. A real accomplishment!"

~Larry Wood, Founder
The Florida Hawksbill Project

"This book blends the beauty and magnificence of marine turtles, one of nature's most fascinating creations, with the talents of two outstanding artists. The result is a book that combines brilliant photography and poetic prose to create a read that will engage all who delight in gaining a better understanding and appreciation of the natural world."

~Dr. Mike Salmon
Biology Professor, Florida Atlantic University