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Sharks Up Close - Hardcover Book: $19.95 (including tax)

Dive into the world of sharks with one of the world’s most experienced shark diver. The author and photographer, Jim Abernethy, has spent a lifetime getting Up Close to numerous species of shark. His love for these misunderstood creatures has fueled his enthusiasm to show the world the true nature of sharks. This book shows, through stunning imagery and writing, a personal look at sharks and their plight for survival. Sharks – Up Close is filled with information on sharks – from their unique anatomy to behaviors rarely seen.

Sea Turtles Up Close - Hardcover Book: $19.95 (including tax)

Sea Turtles Up Close takes you on an amazing journey into the fascinating world of the sea turtle. Brilliantly transforming from surface to sea creature over the course of 235 million years, these animals have a mystique and “magnetism” like none other. From their ability to migrate thousands of miles, to their unique anatomy, they are nothing short of sensational. Through Jim Abernethy’s captivating photographs and Jennifer Nolan’s poetic prose, readers will deepen their appreciation for the seven sea turtle species, better understand the important role they play in our coastal ecosystem, and realize the choice is clear – we must protect these amazing creatures while we still can.

The Secret of Pig Island - Hardcover Book: $19.95 (including tax)

Children and adults alike will fall in love with Plato the pig when they turn the pages of this book, written in flowing rhyme and supported by Abernethy’s photography. The Secret of Pig Island introduces you to a little pig with a big secret! When a curious, young boy ventures out to a tropical island—sacred home to a herd of wild pigs—what he discovers is a priceless lesson that he is excited to bring back to humankind. Plato comes to life with an inspirational message about protecting our planet Earth that all readers, young and old, are sure to embrace.

Unisex Sobel 'Save the Sharks' - Cotton T-Shirt: $25.00 (including tax) ***Currently only available in white***

Men's '5 Turtle Species' - QuickDry T-Shirt: $30.00 (including tax)

Unisex '7 Species' - Cotton T-Shirt: $25.00 (including tax)

Women's '5 Turtle Species' - QuickDry T-Shirt: $30.00 (including tax)

Unisex 'Emma Is My Dive Buddy' - Cotton T-Shirt: $25.00 (including tax)

Hooded Rashguard (UPF 50): $40.00 (including tax)

Anti-spill Boat Mug: $10.00 (including tax)

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