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We offer a number of professional services including videography, photography, modeling, and consulting.

Jim Abernethy, award-winning underwater photographer, filmmaker, and author, is a pioneer in shark encounters, without a cage. Starting at a young age, scuba diving served as an inspiration for his life's mission as a conservationist and has enabled him to interact with some of the most notorious sharks. For decades, he has been running photography/video expeditions to engage with the world's largest predatory sharks-Abernethy pioneered shark encounters without a cage (day and night) with tiger sharks, great hammerheads, oceanic white tips, bull, and lemon sharks. It should be noted that Jim is best known as an extremely passionate crusader for their protection.

His award-winning marine life images are often featured in top photography magazines such as Wetpixel and Nature's Best Photography. Jim lives at sea, in the Bahamas, running shark expeditions and wild dolphin encounters year round on his boat, "Shear Water." His dive business, Jim Abernethy's Scuba Adventures Inc., is based in West Palm Beach, FL.

Abernethy has hosted many of the world's top nature filmmakers and magazines such as Imax, National Geographic, BBC Wildlife, Animal Planet, and the Discovery Channel. He owns the "Marine Life Art Gallery" in West Palm Beach, FL, where his captivating images and educational books are available. When he's not below sea level, Jim is often seen piloting his flying inflatable boat (ultra-light), "Oversear," in order to capture nature at sea with his lens from an aerial perspective.

While Abernethy is well known as a photographer and passionate conservationist, it's his unique ability to bring divers up close to some of the world's largest predatory sharks, turning them into strong passionate ambassadors to save them, which sets him apart from all others. His relentless pursuit of his life's mission is to save the planet's ocean creatures, starting with sharks, through his photography, books, films, and presentations.



Great White, Tiger, Great Hammerhead, Lemon, Caribbean Reef, Nurse, Black tip, Oceanic White tip and more


Loggerhead, Hawksbill, Green, Leatherback; juvenile and adult; behavior such as mating, nesting and feeding


Manta ray, Spotted eagle ray, Southern stingray, Yellow ray, Electric ray and more

West Indian Manatee:

Adult and juvenile

Atlantic Spotted and Bottlenose Dolphins:

Adult and juvenile; behavior such as mating, feeding, and playing

Since our stock is so large, it is difficult to list every subject, other than the specific large animals listed above, we have a wide range of reef scenes, with and without people, wide angle and macro life, sunsets, beach scenes, birds and other marine and land wildlife. We also have a wide range of environmental footage on issues such as entanglement, pollution, collision, rescue and rehabilitation etc.

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Jim Abernethy has many years of experience with film and still photography. He has worked with many television film crews and countless professional photographers from around the world. He specializes in making sure you get the shots you need. From sharks to dolphins, land, air and sea, he can scout for the perfect location, get you set up and help you get the necessary footage and photographs. He is unsurpassed in his expertise of animal behavior and habitat. Please contact us for more information and feel free to ask for a list of references and job list.

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