Humpback Whale Expedition (French Polynesia)

September 9-16, 2024

Imagine swimming with Humpbacks and their calves in the crystal-clear warm waters of Moorea, French Polynesia, during the peak of the humpback season. Imagine observing these magnificent Mother Whales tending to their calves.  This trip provides an unforgettable life-changing interaction with these majestic mammals of the sea.

In addition to the whales, we can explore the waters surrounding the island of Moorea starting with the inner lagoon, right of our hotel beach, where blacktip reef sharks and pink whipray stingrays are plentiful. We may encounter other pelagic species such as oceanic white tips, silky sharks, dolphins, pilot and sperm whales!



Our goal: Maximize our interactions with the Humpback Whales while respecting them!


Day 1

Arrive in Moorea, French Polynesia

Days 2-7

Boat time: 10a to sunset in water humpback time in a comfortable vessel manned by highly experienced and trained humpback specialists as our captain and guide.  They pride themselves on professionalism and respect for the environment and sea life.   You will learn about the wildlife of Moorea through observation and our guides – the biology, behavior, and the role each of these species plays in this unique and diverse ecosystem as you experience and interact with them in their natural environment!  Beverages, snacks, and lunches are provided.

Day 8


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