Emma is a 14 foot Tiger Shark. She was born somewhere in the Atlantic, and started frequenting Tiger Beach in the early 2000's. Her BFF is Jim Abernethy who brings nature photographers to take pictures of sharks. He is her closest human friend, and she relies on him to tell her story to other humans in the hope that if enough people come to know her personally, they will be able to stop the killing of sharks in all of the world's oceans. She is currently a resident at Tiger Beach in the Bahamas. We see her every few weeks since Jim and our staff are there aboard Shear Water frequently. The Tiger Shark, Galeocerdo cuvier, is a species of requiem shark and the only member of the genus Galeocerdo. Commonly known as sea tiger, the tiger shark is a relatively large macropredator, capable of attaining a length of over 5 m (16 ft). It is found in many tropical and temperate waters, and it is especially common around central Pacific islands. Its name derives from the dark stripes down its body which resemble a tiger's pattern, which fade as the shark matures. The tiger shark is a solitary, mostly nocturnal hunter. Its diet includes a wide variety of prey, ranging from crustaceans, fish, seals, birds, squid, turtles, and sea snakes to dolphins and even other smaller sharks. The tiger shark is considered a near threatened species due to finning and fishing by humans.

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