Whale Shark Comments from John and Marlon

Here’s a bit of feedback on our trip….

The sharks themselves were, of course, magnificent.  When my wife saw your photos she exclaimed , “Oh, my God!  I didn’t know they had polka-dots!  They’re so beautiful!!”  (I think she too is a believer)

Equally amazing was your offer to take some shots of us.  And that you could get all those once-in-a lifetime photos in a single morning on just a few swims was mind boggling.

But even more impressive was that you took all that time to process the photos that same afternoon so we could all get a copy immediately… without any hassle… that was truly a class act on your part.


Aside from the nature and wildlife we saw and experienced, I was also very inspired to meet someone with such obvious commitment and dedication to a very worthwhile cause.  (I thought it was cool when you corrected someone who blurted out that the shark with the broken fin was “stupid”.)  Your film is outstanding.  I am always amazed that what you explain in the film still needs to be explained and proved to the general public.  I have the impression that this has always been just basic common sense to me.  Perhaps ever since I leaned as a very young boy that the vast buffalo herds were all wiped out, it has seemed obvious that anything finite is also very fragile.  And everything is finite.  Old growth forests, the cod in Newfoundland… everything.  Including humans.


We really enjoyed it all… the boat, the crew, your other guests… it was a fantastic trip… even that 30-second iguana detour, ha-ha!

Thanks for everything!

John & Marlon

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