Our Liveaboard Shark Expedition Vessel "Shear Water" Schedule

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Each trip will show the number of available spaces left after you click on a trip, and then click the “0” next to the word “People”. We limit our shark trips to a maximum of 10 passengers, even though we are certified for 12 passengers to insure the very best shark encounter experiences.

If you prefer to make a deposit and payments, email us at info@scuba-adventures.com and we can assist you with that!

Some of the Reasons People Dive with Us

We are the only live aboard dive vessel that allows unlimited (We don’t schedule or count your dives) diving, provides nitrox and does a night dives every night. We have the fewest number of guests on board (10 maximum) to insure your shark experience is the very best it can be. If you truly love sharks as well as all animals, it is really great to support ecotourism operators that are actually saving the animals they love. Jim’s main drive and passion is to do everything within his means to save sharks and other wildlife as is displayed on his nonprofit webpage, www.wildlifevoice.org His history of conservation achievements is endless, including spearheading the conservation campaign to get sharks protected in the entire Bahamas territory! In addition you will learn how best to interact with a large number of large predatory sharks by the pioneer in large predatory cageless encounters with the legendary Jim Abernethy Shark Briefing, utilizing 4 decades of large shark experience!

Expeditions between October 15th thru May - Tigers, Great Hammerheads, Bulls, Lemons, Nurse & Caribbean Reef Sharks!

We run shark expeditions to the world famous Tiger beach, and to Bimini island to dive with Tiger, Great Hammerheads, Lemon, Bull, Nurse and Caribbean Reef Sharks


Tiger and Great Hammerhead


These trips range from 4-6 day trips and we also offer a 9 day trip to see the oceanic White tip trips in May, we do not offer the weekend trips during this time.


An amazing 10-day adventure during our Spring season, where we visit locations throughout the Bahamas to hopefully see Oceanic White Tip Sharks, Tigers, Great Hammerheads, Lemons, Bulls, Caribbean Reefs, Silkies, Duskies, and Nurse Sharks. In addition, we seek to encounter, Atlantic spotted, and Bottle nose dolphins, and the amazing swimming pigs of Pig island. We also stop for all Whales!


Best of the Bahamas

Expeditions between June and September - Tigers, Lemons, Nurse & Caribbean Reef Sharks!

We run a wonderful expedition that starts with Tigers, Lemons, Bulls, Caribbean Reefs, and Nurse Sharks and then travel to Bimini island to swim and play with the amazing Atlantic spotted and Bottle nose Dolphins!


Tiger and Dolphins


During summer and early fall, we offer a wonderful action packed shark diving weekend, diving at Tiger Beach, where we dive with Tigers, Lemons, Bulls, Caribbean Reefs, and Nurse Sharks


Tiger Beach Weekend


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To schedule your  Liveaboard Dive Trip, you can book via email, or book directly through our online calendar below. If you have questions feel free to email us and if you would like us to call you, just leave your contact info in the email! Whichever way, we look forward to hearing from you!

   Reservations Office: info@scuba-adventures.com


Photo Packages by Jim Abernethy!
a National Geographic Stock Photographer

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To schedule your  Liveaboard Dive Trip, you can book via email, or book directly through our online calendar in the right hand corner below. Whichever way, we look forward to hearing from you!

Reservations Team Email: info@scuba-adventures.com


Cancellation Policy:

All charters require a minimum of 6 participants. While charters are rarely canceled due to a lack of participants, Jim Abernethy’s Scuba Adventures will make every effort to reschedule customers to a later date. Any payments made will be put toward a later expedition. Flights should only be booked when the minimum number of passengers have been met A charter is binding when the contract is signed and returned to us with deposit within 5 days. If we cancel the charter due to weather or any other reason, credit on another charter will be issued for one year. During your trip, no refunds are given for weather, seasickness, acts of God or any other circumstance beyond our control. Trip insurance is highly recommended to cover any unexpected difficulties.


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