Marine Life Overload Expedition!

Discover the Best of Florida & the Bahamas

We’ve spent decades showing others the beautiful underwater world across Florida and the Bahamas. Using these years of experience, we’ve created this expedition to highlight our favorite marine life encounters at both locations!

In the Bahamas, we will be targeting the sharks of Tiger Beach, spend time diving the spectacular Sugar Wreck, and snorkeling with some of the friendliest dolphins in the world. In Florida, you will experience aggregations of Goliath grouper, an abundance of sea turtles (up to 5 different species!) and the incredible macro-creatures carried from the deep waters of the Atlantic to coastal areas by the Gulf Stream current!

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Target Wildlife Encounters - Bahamas

Sharks: During this trip you will have the opportunity to dive the world-renowned Tiger Beach, which boasts some of the top shark diving in the world! Frequently encountered shark species for this time of year include tiger, lemon, Caribbean reef, and nurse sharks. Jim Abernethy will teach you how to make friends with wild sharks in a way that is safe and respectful for both yourself and these incredible animals.

The Sugar Wreck: Located in the crystal blue waters of the Little Bahama Bank, the Sugar Wreck has always been known for its abundance and diversity of marine life. Here we may encounter up to three species of sea turtle, endless varieties of corals, crustaceans, tropical fish, and even sharks!

Atlantic Spotted Dolphins: This species is regarded as the friendlies variety of dolphin worldwide. In the Bahamas we’ll interact with them both day and night for a truly magical experience. We may even be fortunate enough to engage in a game of keep away with a scarf or piece of seaweed.

Target Wildlife Encounters - South Florida

Goliath Grouper: For roughly two months each year, aggregations of these colossal species of grouper can be found along the Palm Beach County coast’s shipwrecks, making for an incredible dive experience. These gentle giants grow to nearly 800lbs, but are by no means shy. They frequently allow us to engage with them up-close and personal!

Sea Turtles: In addition to the marine turtles we may see at the Sugar Wreck, five species of sea turtles can be found along Palm Beach County’s coastline during the summer months. Loggerhead, green, leatherback, and kemps ridley turtles are frequent visitors. Three of these can even be see nesting on our beaches! In fact, the northern stretch of this county’s beaches is regarded as the sea turtle capital of America.

Stunning coral reefs, blackwater drift diving, macro-marine life at the blue heron bridge and so much more!

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