Manatee Encounters

manatee-profile After spending many years with the manatees of Crystal Rivers I realized that for serious photographers that want the best photographic opportunities, they need a house on the water with their own boat. This way they can access the best places the river has to offer when the opportunities are the best. Going to 3 sisters when there are the least amount of people there and then going to other spots when the springs are filled with tourists. With that in mind I have partnered up with my good friend Sean Havas who has rented a beautiful 3 bedroom house on the river along with a boat with a nice heated interior and expert captain who knows these waters like the back of his hand.

houseI hope that you can join us this winter as we seek to have the ultimate manatee encounters day in and day out as well as take advantage of all the other wildlife that this area has to offer. The price for the each spot is $1,250 per person with a maximum of 4 people per week. If you would like to take the whole house for you own private group tour including the boat and captain, we can offer the house for $4,000. We hope you can join us for some of the most incredible manatee photographic opportunities I believe you will ever have.

Please contact us for more details on this trip:
Jim Abernethy’s Scuba Adventures, Inc by email at
or at 888-901-DIVE(3483)