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Jim Abernethy is an award winning conservationist, photographer, author, documentary film maker and public speaker who has dedicated his life to wildlife conservation on local and global levels.

Comfortable in front of a classroom full of second graders, or a conference hall of professionals, through imagery and passionate storytelling Jim Abernethy connects with his audience like few speakers can.

Jim's infectious enthusiasm has led to many prestigious speaking engagements including Key Note Speaker at the Youth Ocean Conservation Summit and his presentations at Shark Con 2014 brought the packed-house audiences to their feet.

Whether it's conservation, animal behavior, photography, film making, adventure or personal growth, Jim Abernethy's presentations are crafted to your specific audience.

"Jim brings an unprecedented passion and enthusiasm for conservation to his presentations, captivating audiences with his stories of working with fascinating marine life, raising awareness of the threats facing these creatures, and empowering people with ways they can take action to protect our planet’s marine ecosystems. As a keynote speaker and presenter at our Youth Ocean Conservation Summit, Jim’s presentations are constantly in high demand from our student audience. In particular, it has been inspiring to see many students leave Jim’s presentations on shark conservation, only to return to our Summit a year later to share their own newly formed shark conservation projects – inspired by Jim’s passion for protecting this important species."

Sean Russell - Youth Ocean Conservation Summit Founder



"Jim Abernethy is one of the most passionate conservationist I know and his presentations with video and stunning imagery support his unbelievable stories! His presentations are the best we have every year."

Stan Mihalecz - Jupiter Drift Divers


“Few have the ability to open hearts and minds to our world beneath the seas like Jim Abernethy. His on-stage presence during lectures and presentations is as big as his heart leaving many awestruck and motivated to do more to support the plight of our oceans and the creatures within.”

Sam Hodge – President of the South Florida Underwater Photography Society


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Jim Abernethy works in partnership with National Geographic Creative as stock agent for some of his most amazing images. Click to view Jim's National Geographic Creative gallery.