Gray Whale Experiences

This unique trip will take you halfway through the Baja Península, roughly 800 kilometers from the border into Laguna Ojo de Liebre, where every year over a thousand Gray Whales migrate south from Alaska to the lagoons in Baja. These whales travel 10,000 to 12,000 miles [16,000 to 19,000 km] for the main purpose of mating, and giving birth to their calves.

It is believed that one of the reasons that the whales come to Guerrero Negro is due to the high salt content in the water, which assists buoyancy for their newly born, and to protect their young from predators which is why the Lagoon is also known as the Gray Whale nursery. 

There is only one place in the world where any whale species actually seeks out human affection and interaction. These 30 to 40 ton gentle giants (Gray Whale) will seek your attention while pursuing human interaction. Mother Gray Whales often teach their newborn how to receive love and affection from humans. We have noticed that if the whales do not receive affection, they usually leave within minutes. This is without question a life changing experience for everyone of all ages who are enamored with large aquatic creatures. This incredible experience is available to everyone as we do not get into the water.

Duration: 5 day guided adventure
Best for: solo traveler, couples, groups, families including kids

Season: January to march
Group size: 6 guests
Must haves: Passport and travel insurance required

Trip Itinerary

Day 1 – Our meeting point will be in San Diego. We will then depart to Ensenada where we will be spending the night. You will then enjoy an early dinner reservation at Bura Bar at Cuatro Cuatros while taking in the gorgeous sunset and scenery overlooking the Salsipuedes Bay on the Pacific Ocean. 

Day 2 –  The following morning, we will depart at 8am on a 8hr journey to Guerrero Negro, making a quick stop for lunch at San Felipe. We’ll let you know ahead of time about restroom facilities along the way.

Day 3 – We will be picked up by a shuttle at 8am that will transport us to the lagoons, about 25 to 40 mins from town (depending on the location of the lagoon). There, we will be briefed on safety precautions and the do’s and don’ts while interacting with the whales.

We will then be given life vests and proceed to board our panga to start our Gray Whales tour. Each tour lasts approximately 2 hrs.

We will be taking two back-to-back tours with an hour break in between for lunch on land provided by the Whale Watching company. (I encourage you to bring additional snacks). Once we conclude your experience at the ocean, we will head back to town (at around 2pm) to relax, share pictures and videos at the hotel. You may want to take a shower before meeting for an early dinner so you can be rested and ready for the following day.

Day 4 – Today will be our second day with the Gray Whales. Our itinerary is pretty much planned as the previous day. We will leave the hotel at 8am followed by two whale watching trips and arriving back to town close to 3pm. 

Mother gray whales will often nudge their calves towards the boats, sometimes even going under their young and lifting them up for a closer encounter. Gray Whales begin to arrive in early January and can often be observed until the beginning of April. Mid February is when the population at the lagoons is at their highest count, record numbers have been over 2,000 whales at Ojo de Liebre Lagoon. It’s not uncommon to have counts of 1,500 whales or higher during this time.

Day 5 – After spending 2 full days with the Gray Whales, we will depart at 8am towards our initial meeting point where our trip will conclude.

Reservations Office:

Telephone/Text/WhatsApp: +1 561 718 6355

Trip includes

What's not included

– Dinner at local restaurants – Breakfast and lunch (except on 2 ocean days)

Must have

– You will need your passport to travel to Mexico – Travel insurance

What will I see?

You can expect a up close and personal interaction with Gray Whales! Guerrero Negro is also home to a variety of bird species including egrets and nesting ospreys.

What will the weather be like?

Average daily high temperatures are 20-25°C (79-86°F) with nightly lows cooling down to 8-10°C (48-52°F). Plan to wear layers as you will be exposed to sun and wind on the boat, and cooler temperatures.

Can children come on this adventure?

Yes! Children are welcome on this trip!

Will I see grey whales on this trip?

Yes, you will see gray whales! You may even have a high chance to physically interact with the whales as they often approach our boats.

How much whale watching is included?

We will provide as much time with the whales as possible! We offer two trips per day, averaging 5-6hrs of interaction per day.

Is it ok to touch the whales?

Gray whales are normally shy and reclusive but their behavior changes when they are in the Ojo de Liebre lagoon. It’s entirely their choice to approach our boats and rub up alongside to be touched and stroked. Through the years we have even noticed that the whales will leave after several minutes if we don’t physically interact with them!

When is the best time to go?

Grey Whale season starts in January and ends in April, but we only operate in the peak of season (February- March) when large numbers of whales are present, giving you a greater chance of multiple whales during our encounters.

What to pack?

– Comfortable clothes (t-shirts, long sleeve t-shirts, shorts, pants) – Warm jacket and windbreaker (preferably water resistant) – Sun hat, sunglasses and sunblock – 2 pair of tennis shoes. Keep in mind we are in the ocean, your shoes could get wet so we recommend bringing an extra pair – Your essentials. Bring only what is necessary – Camara gear – Optional: Dry bags, computer or electronic devices, and binoculars.

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