Species Encounters

JASA has created specialized day and live aboard charters that focus on specific species encounters. Below you will find a list of categories.

If there is a specific animal you are interested in seeing or photographing but do not see it listed below, give us a call at 561-842-6356 or email info@scuba-adventures.com to discuss whether or not we may be able to help you find that particular animal.

There are certain times of every year that we run special charters for each species, and some can be seen year round. Click on each link for detailed information.


These are encounters that we have great success with, however, all animals are wild and come and go as they please, and Mother Nature can always play a role. We can never guarantee an encounter.

There are many other animals that you may be able to observe on your visit to Palm Beach or the Bahamas.

With the Gulf Stream running between the coast of Palm Beach and the Bahamas, we are fortunate to have many different species of marine animals using this path to travel north and south, and at times coming close enough for us to see them. Manta rays, Minke, Sei, Fin, Right, Pilot, and Humpback whales, Mola–Mola (Ocean Sunfish) and whale sharks are just a few of the fun surprises we have been fortunate to encounter. We have learned to "expect the unexpected", and always have our cameras ready.

We feel very fortunate to be able to offer encounters with such a variety of species and we hope you will take advantage of these unique opportunities.

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