Tiger and Lemon Shark – “Tiger Beach” Expedition

tigerbeachOur most popular of all trips is to the world famous "Tiger Beach." This spectacular location is unlike any other in the world. At Tiger Beach you will have one of the most unique underwater experiences ever. Imagine yourself surrounded by lemon and tiger sharks as far as the eye can see amidst a gorgeous backdrop of crystal blue Bahamian water and powder white sand — all this in less than 20 feet of water.

Tiger Beach has been popularized throughout the world through thousands of images, films, and numerous articles. It has graced the cover of National Geographic and has been on IMAX's Deep Sea 3D film to name a few. We have been fortunate enough to work with these productions and many others to bring the amazing sharks of Tiger Beach to the whole world.

On our Tiger Beach expedition you will have the opportunity to dive face-to-face with our lovely and famous Tiger shark "supermodels." The names Emma, Baby Cakes, Tanya, Begonia, Mini-T and numerous others will conjure affectionate feelings. For once you've seen these supermodel Tiger sharks in action you'll have no choice but to fall in love. Our "supermodels" will help you produce some of the world's best shark imagery. They love to smile for the camera! Lets not forget the plethora of lemon sharks you'll see at Tiger Beach, too. With their sinister looking smile and their sleek "fighter jet" look, these lovely sharks will make the top of your photo collection.

Of course, no trip to the Bahamas would be complete without diving the dazzling reefs of the Bahamas. Surrounded by an abundance of marine life, both large and small, the reef's beauty will take your breath away. Caribbean Reef sharks, large groupers, moray eels and numerous fish will adorn a single wide angle photograph.

Please read our Important Shark Trip Information before considering this type of trip.