Southeastern Bahama Islands, 11-14 days

(ie Nassau, San Salvador and Conception Island, Crooked Island, Acklins Island, Plana Cays, Samana Cay, Mira-Por-Vos, Mayaguana, Great Inagua)

Depending on exactly how many islands or how far south you wish to go, this trip requires a minimum of 11 days. Guest may fly into Nassau to meet the boat on the first day or go along for the boat ride. This trip is a true “island hopping” adventure. You will not find “out island” diving like this on any other live aboard dive boat. The m/v Shear Water has been cruising and exploring these islands and their surrounding waters for many years. We think we have found the most beautiful wall dives in the Bahamas ! Not only is the diving pristine and untouched, but also the islands themselves are gorgeous. Samana Cay and the Plana Cays (formally known as French Cays) are some of the most picturesque islands in the world. Uninhabited with stunning white sandy beaches, you can go exploring, shell collecting or just sit on the beach and enjoy the view. With the exception of the passing sailboat on their way back from the Caribbean , you won't see any other boats or people for days .

This trip can encompass many different areas. Generally we start our diving around Nassau , then run south to Crooked Island and Acklins Island where we can also visit the lighthouses on Bird Rock and Castle Island . Then we head for our favorite spots, Samana and Plana Cays. We believe these areas to have the most spectacular walls in all of the Bahamas . We generally spend a few days in this area. We may also head south to Mayaguana or if on a 14-day trip, go all the way to Great Inagua. We will also dive areas such as the Diana Bank and Mira Por Vos. On our way back north, we will stop off at Highborne Cay and Allen's Cay to visit the local iguanas, and then stop off in Nassau to clear customs and have a night out at the beautiful Atlantis Resort. Before heading back to Palm Beach we can stop off for a day or two of diving at Conception Island and San Salvador where the walls start in 25 feet of water. These reefs and walls are awesome with large friendly groupers and turtles on top of the reef to scalloped hammerhead sharks cruising below down the wall. At Conception Island you can snorkel inside a lagoon and see baby green turtles and all kinds of juvenile marine life in the mangroves. The entire island and surrounding waters are protected.

On our last day we'll stop for a dive or two at Great Isaac and then head home.

This trip will include a lot of running, since we will be traveling over 500 miles from home. We always try to keep the running between islands to the evening and nighttime hours so as not to take up any diving time.

If you are en explorer and like to head off the beaten path, then this is the trip for you. You can go days without ever seeing another boat and walk the white sandy beaches of uninhabited islands while enjoying a beautiful sunset.