Bimini, Andros, Nassau, 6 – 8 day charter

After departing Palm Beach in the late afternoon, we head towards Bimini and north Cat Cay where we will clear customs around 9am on the first day.

After clearing, we will start diving some of the more famous dive sites around Bimini such as Tuna Alley and Victory Reef . The north Bimini Mini-Wall and the wreck of the Hespoures are also among our favorites. While in the Bimini area, we can spend some time looking for wild spotted dolphins or run across a friendly pod of bottlenose dolphins on the shallow sand banks. If guests choose, we can go on shore and have a cold one at the famous Complete Angler bar.

Once we have left Bimini we will head towards Andros , and an area we call the pocket. This area is like a triangle with Chub Cay, the southernmost island in the Berry chain to our north, Jolters Cays to the west and Andros to our south. To the east is the Tongue of the Ocean. The diving all around this “pocket” is great. Beautiful reefs and walls along with great shallow diving and snorkeling will keep you busy for hours underwater. The fishing in the pocket is great, with Sailfish, Marlin, dolphin, wahoo and tuna found in these rich waters.

In late April and early May, it is also possible to see large pods of pilot whales in this area.

After diving this area for a few days we'll head to New Providence Island. Here we will dock the boat in Nassau where you can have an evening out and visit Paradise Island and the beautiful Atlantis Resort. The next day we'll head out to the Nassau blue hole to start our day of diving. In only 30 feet of water, this large fresh water opening in the ocean floor is teaming with marine life such as rays, friendly angelfish and even the occasional school of silky sharks. The blue hole drops down past 100 feet before making a sharp turn and continuing on. The walls of the blue hole are lined with all kinds of invertebrates and small fish.

Once we've finished this dive we'll head towards the south end of the island and dive sites like Leatherback wall . We'll do an awesome shark dive and dive on an old Bahamian patrol boat, all on the same dive.

On our way back north, we may stop at Lyford Cay wall before heading west towards Andros . It is possible that we will head back to Bimini before heading towards home. Depending on your booking, we will either return at 4pm on the last day or 8am the following morning.

This itinerary can change due to weather but all of these areas can be visited.

The trip can also be changed to include Orange Cay, the Gingerbread Grounds or some of the Berry Islands .

Whichever you choose, you won't be disappointed.