Croc Expedition

American Crocodile Expedition to Banco Chinchorro, Mexico!

In August!

We welcome you to join Jim Abernethy for the journey of a lifetime as we dive stunning Caribbean reefs and swim alongside some of the most ancient creatures on our planet, American crocodiles, in their natural estuarine habitat.

Trip Itinerary

Day 1 – Transportation from Cancun downtown to Xcalak.

Day 2 – Spend the day enjoying the local dive sites surrounding Xcalak. Before we depart for our dives, breakfast will be served at the Coral Bar & Grill restaurant. 

Days 3 through 5 – We will depart Xcalak for Chinchorro! We set off early to allow time to snorkel the beautiful reefs along the way. Divers have the opportunity to hunt for lion fish, which is used as bait to attract the crocodiles. Spend late morning and afternoon face-to-face with these prehistoric animals in one of the world’s most remote and pristine environments.

The next two days will follow the same routine with a snorkel/dive trip in the morning, visiting one of the stunning reef or wreck sites on the enormous atoll, followed by more time in the water with the crocodiles. We will also visit Cayo Centro, the main island on the atoll which houses the CONANP Marine Reserach Station. This island is home to the world’s densest population of american crocodiles, as well as a healthy population of “pink” iguanas! There we will visit the fishermen’s village, check out the old lighthouse, and try to observe the crocodiles from a raised observation deck in the lagoon where they nest, feed, and soak up the sun.

Day 5 – Visit On day 5, we pack up in mid-afternoon, after a well-deserved lunch, and depart Chinchorro for Xcalak. We return to Xcalak around 5PM.

Day 6 – Dive charters in Xcalak Reef National Park. Breakfast and lunch will be served at Coral Bar & Grill.

Day 7 – Breakfast at the Coral Bar & Grill restaurant before we journey back to Cancun.

Join Us!

To schedule your Crocodile Expedition, you can book directly through our online calendar below, or email us with any questions as well as have us reserve your space. If your interested in talking with us, please leave your full contact information in your email. Whichever way, we look forward to hearing from you!

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