Jim Abernethy is an award-winning author, photographer, cinematographer and conservationist who pioneered shark encounters without a cage. Starting at a young age, marine life served as an inspiration for his life’s mission as a conservationist. For decades, he has been leading photography/videography ecotourism expeditions to engage with the world’s largest predatory sharks – Abernethy hosts cage-free dive expeditions (day/night) with tiger, great hammerheads, oceanic white tips, bull, and lemon sharks – he is best known as an extremely passionate crusader for their protection and has received numerous awards for his lifelong dedication as a marine life conservationist. To see him in action with a 14 ft. tiger shark, visit the video link: Tiger Shark Love – Tarantino.

Jim’s relentless efforts around conservation have resulted in the creation of two non-profits: WildlifeVOICE and Operation Blue Pride.

The mission of Operation Blue Pride is to save bothOBP-LOGO veterans and our ocean’s creatures through in-water activities, wildlife encounters, education, outreach and direct action. This is all done in an effort to change our planets direction to a more sustainable course; hopefully helping to save our oceans and its animals. See the OBP Documentary Trailer.

WildlifeVOICE seeks to engage and educate our youth, as well as physically challenged people, (Project SeahorWLVLogoBlackLargeWebse & Rising Tide – Shark Pride) by introducing them to our oceans and inspiring them to become “ocean ambassadors.”

JASALOGOEmailBanner364x90Jim Abernethy's Scuba Adventures
is a conservation oriented charter and expedition operation that promotes 'Education through Experience'.

Through personal interaction and visual imagery Jim helps people better understand the beauty of our ocean planet and the increasing need to protect and preserve our environment for future generations.

Jim's primary focus on Shark Conservation arises from his decades-long interaction with these beautiful, and highly endangered, creatures. Considered one of the top shark behaviorists in the world, Jim has accumulated more in-water time with large wild predatory sharks than any other researcher.

Jim Abernethy:

  • Founder, Jim Abernethy's Scuba Adventures
  • Founder, 501(c)(3)
  • Co-Founder and Board Member of 501(c)(3) Operation Blue Pride, which aims to help injured veterans heal through diving, and become ambassadors for ocean conservation.
  • Founder, Ocean Education Publishing
  • Co-founder, Land and Sea Imagery
  • Publisher/photographer of children's book "Pig Island", winner of "Mom's Choice Awards"
  • Publisher/photographer of book "Sea Turtles Up Close"
  • Author/publisher/photographer of book "Sharks Up Close". This book has been used as an educational tool for lobbyists, congress and the US Senate on the topic of shark finning.
  • Member, Ocean's Artist Society
  • Served on the Advisory Board of Shark Savers
  • Featured Artist, R.J. Dunlap Marine Conservation Program
  • Winner, Wyland Icon Award 2010
  • Finalist, Go Blue Awards, 2011
  • Winner, Elanor Fletcher Lifetime Achievement Award 2011
  • Blue Ambassador of the Year 2011
  • Instrumental in getting the Blue Heron Bridge recognized as a marine sanctuary
  • With Shawn Heinrichs, discovered the world's largest aggregation of whale sharks in Isla Mujeres, Mexico in 2008.  This helped an impoverished fishing village become a bustling area sustained by ecotourism
  • Producer of the documentary "This is Your Ocean: Sharks" 2012 winner of New Port Beach film festival - 2011 Award Winner for Special Achievement in Environmental Filmaking, Macgillivray Freeman Films
  • The documentary "This is Your Ocean: Sharks" aided the creation of a Bahamas Shark Sanctuary
  • Cover photographer "Biology of Sea Turtles Volume III"
  • Producer of documentary "Operation Blue Pride" 2013
  • Recipient of special award presented by the Diving Equipment and Marketing Association for "Operation Blue Pride" 2013
  • Recipient of CRESTT (Conservation Research Education and Stewardship for Today and Tomorrow) Award from Friends of Gumbo Limbo 2013
  • Featured on Nightline and World News Tonight as a "Shark Whisperer" by Matt Gutman of ABC
  • Featured on BBC, National Geographic, and Barcroft Media for his involvement with sharks, particularly "Emma" a 14 foot tiger shark
  • Public speaker to educate young and old about ocean and shark conservation
  • Featured artist, "Palm Beach Art and Culture" magazine last quarter 2013
  • Active volunteer in turtle rehabilitation and release for several turtle rescue facilities including Loggerhead Marine Life Center, Palm Beach Zoo and Florida Atlantic University

Palm Beach Cultural Council art Exhibition November 2013

Current Art and Culture Magazine of Palm Beach County-Jim's photo is the cover art

Jim Abernethy "Shark Whisperer" as featured on ABC News

Jim Abernethy’s Scuba Adventures


216 North Federal Highway
Lake Park, FL 33403-3552

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