Bahamas Dive Trips

Bahamas Liveaboard Dive Trips

A Shark Lover’s Paradise! 

Discover the world famous ‘Tiger Beach’, among other incredible dive locations throughout the Bahamas! Dive up close with some of the largest sharks in the world! Experience tigers, hammerheads, oceanic white-tips, and a variety of other sharks in the clear shallow waters of the Bahamas. As these unique shark trips are cage-less, they are for shark enthusiasts and photographers with advanced diving experience. The emphasis is on getting quality in-water time and photo opportunities; space is therefore limited to a maximum of ten people per expedition.



Supporting Bahamian Eco-Tourism

Being recognized as one of the most eco-friendly destinations in the Western Hemisphere, we are proud to support the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and their dive industry.

The waters surrounding this island nation are home to one of the world’s healthiest populations of sharks, and they have acted to protect this asset for years to come. The nation remains one of the few on earth to have banned the commercial fishing of sharks, leaving the roughly 630,000 square kilometers of ocean surrounding the country as a shark sanctuary.  The Bahamas actively promote ecotourism; uniting conservation, communities, and sustainable travel to find long-term solutions for both economic and environmental concerns.

We are honored to have operated within the Bahamas for over three decades, working to assist the nation as they strive to create a sustainable future for our oceans. So wherever your travels may take you in the Bahamas, you can do so knowing that you are supporting a nation determined to diligently protect the natural beauty which surrounds them.


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