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Jim Abernethy’s love for our oceans wildlife, started at a very early age, growing up just 2 homes away from the beach on Singer Island, Florida. His first loves were actually sea turtles and whales after experiencing both, in what would be life changing experiences!  These animal encounters led him down a path of being able to follow all his dreams of spending his entire life with our oceans beautiful creatures as well as fighting for their protection. At the age of 12, he achieved his open water scuba certification. After completing college with a business management degree, Jim immediately obtained both a scuba instructors license as well as a Captains license and launched into the ecotourism scuba diving business! After college, Jim spent an enormous amount of time in the water with all types of large predatory sharks, many of which can no longer can be seen in the huge numbers of years past, which was the start of his legendary conservation efforts through his nonprofit “Wildlife VOICE”  www.wildlifevoice.org


Jim Abernethy’s Scuba Adventures (JASA), based in South Florida, pioneered and set the bar for shark diving with large predatory sharks cageless encounters. For over 40 years Jim has been the premier outfitter for up close and personal encounters, in addition to world-class photography opportunities, with tiger, great hammerhead, oceanic white tip, bull, lemon, nurse and whale sharks. He is best known as a passionate crusader for shark protection. For decades Jim Abernethy’s Scuba Adventures, Inc. has conducted top rate charters and expeditions in south Florida, Mexico and the Bahamas. In 1997, JASA added a 12-passenger liveaboard vessel (M/V Shear Water) to his existing 5 day scuba charter boats and has since, been the leader in photography/video shark ecotourism expeditions with a mission of changing the misconception of sharks to their true nature and turning his clients into shark conservationists!.


Jim Abernethy – Conservationist, Photographer, Filmmaker and Author

Jim Abernethy is an award-winning author, photographer, cinematographer and conservationist who pioneered shark encounters without a cage. Jim is on nearly every trip and rarely misses a dive. He has removed five hooks already from Emma the Tiger Shark, since meeting her over 20 years ago.

Michael O'Hagen

Now Master Captain, Michael joined us in 2020 as part of our shark crew as a dive master as well as a chef! In his interview he stated that he wanted to totally immerse himself in the ocean 24/7 and that is exactly what he has done! He is very talented and wears many hats, although he prefers to be underwater with the guests and the sharks, especially the larger ones! On his days off he can be found offshore in his sailboat, diving and snorkeling!


Emma is a 15 foot Tiger Shark, that befriended Jim in 2001! She has been featured in 14 documentaries with Jim, so far and is probably the most photographed and famous shark in the world! As you can see in the photo, she also was featured on the cover of South America's National Geographic! Most years she is working as the supreme "Super Model" under the boat roughly 10 months of the year! Hopefully she will be working on your trip!


Relentless is a small male nurse shark that works under the Shear Water while we are in Bimini! He was named because of the constant drive to get our guests to rub his head, sometimes actually becoming some what annoying especially while your trying to photograph the great hammerheads that frequent that area! Hopefully you will meet her on your trip

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