Guadalupe Island

Guadalupe Island Liveaboard Dive Expedition

The Best Great White Shark Diving on Earth!

We welcome you to join Jim Abernethy for the journey of a lifetime as we dive with great white sharks around the world’s best location worldwide, Guadalupe Island.

This small volcanic island, located 240 km (150 mi) off the west coast of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula, outperforms both South Africa and Australia in shark-seeing consistency and crystal clear blue water. In the bay where we dive, there have been over 350 individual great what sharks identified!

Only Guadalupe Island can boast shark viewing in beautiful blue water with 30-45 m (100-150 ft) visibility. Join us as we give you more sharks, more cage interaction time, and unforgettable up-close encounters that you will never forget.

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Your Vessel: The MV Belle Aime

A Luxurious, Modern, Vessel Custom Built for Divers

When it comes to your safety and comfort, there is simply no comparison between the beautiful Belle Aime and older, narrow, noisy, smaller dive boats. The 45 m (135 ft) Belle Aime is very wide in the beam, stabilized with deep draft and a bulbous bow to give you the most comfortable ride possible.

The vessel is heavily sound proofed, allowing for a great night’s sleep every night! It’s equipped with over-sized water makers, allowing you to shower as often as you’d like. The full-width superstructure on all 4 decks gives and outstanding amount of space (over-zed superior and premium suites even have full-size king beds!).

The Belle Aime has accommodations that suit all preferences, ranging from a luxurious VIP double premium suite, superior suites, and shared/quad staterooms. Plentiful seating can be found in the lounge, on the partially shaded sundeck, and in the dining room. Our mission is to cater to your every comfort, from high-tech communication, email, and internet at sea, to stocking a wide selection of beer, wine, and single malt scotches at the ship’s on-board bar. 

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