Mission Statement:
To get our guests as close as possible to the largest number of large predatory sharks and aquatic wildlife for as long as possible, safely.



For nearly four decades Jim has been running large predatory sharks & large aquatic wildlife expeditions with nature lovers, film crews and professional photographers, while respectfully not interfering with the wildlife. The common denominator in all his aquatic wildlife trips are small groups, intimate encounters and the very best place for the all the species he features. Jim’s knows these intimate interactions that he provides will help everyone fall in love with these creatures and many will become conservationists that will help save the aquatic wildlife they love! As the late Jacques Cousteau said; “We only Protect what we Love!” Jim’s focus is conservation of these creatures and although he fights for them through a variety of ways, he knows that the very best way is to provide life-changing experiences that will definitely turn many of his guests into life-long conservationists. For many decades Jim has done everything within his means to ensure that his trips will be the very best trips of your life! It is a real advantage to be able to enjoy the company of these creatures, especially knowing that your contribution is helping support the very survival of these creatures!


Presently, Jim runs large predatory shark expeditions on his custom shark expedition live-aboard dive vessel, “Shear Water” year-round to the world’s best shark dive, which he discovered, named and promoted to the world, Tiger Beach.  During hammerhead season, he runs longer trips so he can include going to Bimini for both Hammerheads as well as wild dolphin encounters, In the spring Jim runs “Best of the Bahamas” expeditions that include the world’s best dive location for Oceanic White Tip sharks to the eastern side of the Bahamas. The “Best of the Bahamas” expedition also includes diving at Tiger Beach, Bimini’s hammerheads, the world-famous swimming pigs, oceanic white tips with silky and dusky sharks, wild dolphin encounters and more! 


In the spring, summer and fall, Jim runs Ocean Safari trips in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico where his ocean loving guests experience orcas, sperm whales, humpback whales, immense numbers of mobula rays and dolphins, mantas and sea lions.


Every July, Jim runs trips to the largest aggregation of whale sharks worldwide, which he also discovered, off the coast of Isla Mujeres, Mexico. Sometimes the number exceeds 500 whale sharks, which are regularly joined by large numbers of manta rays. 


Every September, Jim runs humpback whale trips to Moorea Island, French Polynesia! This trip provides humpback whale experiences that will never be forgotten. These magical moments happen every day. These experiences change you forever.


Every February, Jim runs trips to the only place in the world, Laguna Ojo De Liebre, Baja Mexico, where momma whales, bring their baby whales to learn how to get love and affection from humans. His trips go to this very special place, where hundreds of California gray whales gather relax, raise their young and teach them how to get love and affection from humans, after an incredible migration from the artic where the feed. 


Jim’s other conservation efforts include writing, photographing and publishing conservation books with his co-author Jen Nolan through their publishing company, Ocean Education Publishing (OceanEducationPublishing.com). Presently all three of their books, “Sharks Up Close”, “Turtles Up Close” and “The Secret of Pig Island” have all won 4 or more awards! He also gives captivating wildlife conservation presentations, all over the world using his cinematography and photography to support his unbelievable stories. As a National Geographic photographer, his images and many films have also won many awards, including an Emmy, although the multiple awards for life-time achievements in conservation, are the ones that mean the most to him. 


Since 2001, when he discovered the affectionate side of sharks, while removing a hook, he is now in front of the camera, in addition to filming behind the camera. Contact him directly if you’re interested in having him speak at your next event. All of these and more can be found at another one of his companies, Jim Abernethy Imagery (jimabernethyimagery.com) His professional imagery is also made available to all his guests on all trips at a huge discount! On all his trips, he goes out of his way, to help all the photographers in addition to giving away some of his Imagery to everyone on every trip.


Although he is the founder of three non-profits, currently all his conservation efforts are for the non-profit, Wildlife VOICE (wildlifevoice.org).  His conservation campaigns and efforts have spanned decades, as he is passionately and relentlessly driven to save sharks and all wildlife. He has been successful in winning most of his campaigns, sometimes resulting in convincing governments to protect their aquatic wildlife, like the Bahamas creating a protected area for sharks in the entire country. You can learn of most of his current campaigns at his nonprofit website above.


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