Important Shark Trip Information

To ensure the best results we will be “chumming” the water with fish and fish parts. Consequently, there will be food in the water at the same time as the divers. Please be aware that these are not “cage” dives, they are open water experiences. A thorough briefing will be given for each dive site that we visit and each type of shark that you will encounter. We do not move the boat after each dive, unless we are not having much luck at one site, then we may decide to move, but we generally stay in one location overnight and all day.

Shark diving is a potentially dangerous sport and since there can be strong currents, divers should be fairly experienced. The depths that we anchor in are between 10 and 100 feet. For this reason we ask that all divers be Advanced Open Water certified (or equivalent) and have deep and drift diving experience or have the basic Open Water certification with a logbook showing the necessary experience. We will screen or question each potential guest as to their experience level.

Although we have had great success in the past, please understand that these are wild animals and there is no guarantee that you will see any sharks. Each encounter is different and last as long as the sharks want. Weather is also an uncontrollable force. There are no refunds due to bad weather. We do not get “blown out” due to the weather much, as we have several locations to work in that are pretty much protected from strong winds.


Trips are run throughout the whole year. They can be extended on request for photographers, film crews, private or group charters.

  • Water temperature ranges from 72 to 85 degrees.
  • A 3mm – 5mm wetsuit is recommended.
  • Dive computer(s) are recommended.
  • Black hood, gloves and booties/dive socks are required. (Ankles must be covered.)
  • We prefer that dive equipment be dark in color. Please do not bring any white or yellow dive gear, especially fins, mask, gloves, or wetsuits with a large amount of white or yellow.
  • Expeditions are limited to 10 passengers.
  • Nitrox is available for an additional $100.00 for the week – you must present your Nitrox certification card upon arrival.
  • We recommend that you have Advanced Open Water certification with drift and deep diving experience, minimum requirement is Open Water certification with the necessary experience.
  • All charters will leave at approximately 8pm on the date of departure (boarding is at 5pm) and arrive back to our dock around 9am on the day of arrival. Please allow for delays when making your flight reservations. Palm Beach International (PBI) Airport is the closest airport to us, Ft. Lauderdale (FLL) is about 50 minutes south and Miami (MIA) about 1.5 hours south.

The boat will be equipped with fresh water rinse bins for cameras and our professional staff will be there to assist in camera handling.

Professional photographers from around the world have joined us to photograph these magnificent creatures. However, whether you are a photographer, or just someone who loves sharks, this trip will be a life enriching experience and one you will never forget.

For more information, please call (561) 842-6356 or email

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